A qualitative research study which delves into the lived experiences of dual diagnosis patients at our Mental Health Hospital, gives a voice to patients with mental health and drug addiction problems and their experience of treatment at Mount Carmel Hospital. This study authored by Dr Anna Vella, Prof Marilyn Clark, Prof Janet Mifsud and Dr Mario Mifsud, offer a significant contribution to understanding lacunae in the integrated care provided to these persons and has several implications for mental health and drug policy collaboration, development, and practice.  An online closed roundtable with key stakeholders and experts was held in Jan 2021 to share and discuss this study. The roundtable was very well attended by various stakeholders including participants from Mount Carmel Hospital and NGOs working with dual diagnosis patients.  The aim of this research and roundtable was to explore ways to better the lives of these patients and the services available for them.  During this roundtable the participants explored ways to work together, primarily to address any gaps in the various services provided, with special focus on the fragmentation of services and with the aim to improve the overall services for dual diagnosis patients in Malta.

This research is currently embargoed to protect all those involved in the study, including the patients and the staff at Mount Carmel Hospital.