Scientific evidence as well as on-the-ground experience indicate that there are marked differences in the quality of life and wellbeing enjoyed by the members of society in Malta.

These differences are reflected in inequitable access to physical and mental health, income and employment, family and social interactions, knowledge and information technology, levels of education and skills, freedom of expression and engagement, leisure, environmental quality, and open spaces. Such inequalities may grow wider among future generations.

The Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society believes that transformative action in these and other benchmarks of wellbeing are a matter of urgency, and it aims to narrow the gaps in these inequalities, by promoting wellbeing for all.

Strategic Orientation

The Foundation works towards achieving positive
social change through


The Foundation tirelessly advocates for active citizenship and social responsibility to one another as human beings, at community level, nationally as well as internationally.

Safe spaces

The Foundation creates and provides safe spaces for human interaction and dialogue.


The Foundation works at developing national toolkits so as to provide training in areas that are related to child participation and essential skills for working with children.


The Foundation believes in promoting collaboration and therefore works in bringing together alliances and partnerships with civil society organisations, and with other institutions, both national and international.

Technical Assistance

The Foundation provides technical assistance to organisations and institutions regarding its expertise in child participation methodology and other good practices.


The foundation, in collaboration with mainly the University of Malta and other relevant research entities conducts empirical research related to children’s rights, children within the family and community.

Community-based projects

The Foundation promotes community-based projects which are evidence based.


The Foundation works in developing the proper mechanisms to measure wellbeing on a national level.