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Webinar 1: Protection and Safeguarding

Based on Articles 1 and 2. This webinar focuses on the safety and protection from all types of abuse, and violence against girls and women ensuring wellbeing for all.

Webinar 2: Inclusion

Based on Articles 3 and 8. This Webinar discusses the issues of discrimination faced by girls including the correct sharing of all possible resources.

Webinar 3: Girls’ Rights are Human Rights

Based on Article 4. This webinar focuses on discussing the New Charter for Girls’ Rights, Children’s Rights, and Human Rights. Are the rights of girls being respected?

Webinar 4: Stereotypes

Based on Articles 5 and 9. This Webinar discusses gender stereotypes created by Society focusing mainly on education and the image of the girl and woman portrayed in the media.

Webinar 5: Health

Based on Articles 6 and 7. This Webinar discusses the aspect of health, focusing on the specific needs of a girl during childhood, puberty and adolescence.

The series of webinars was launched on the 1st of April 2022.

The webinars are being planned out by young girls aspiring to be leaders who will be on a panel with two female ambassadors. A panel discussion follows with participation from the audience. The information and outcomes from the webinars will then feed into a final report.