On the 20th of November 2021 the Children who form part of the Children and Young Persons’ Council within the same foundation published the Children’s Manifesto.

This manifesto reflects the aspirations of over twenty thousand children and young people living in Malta and Gozo on what makes them feel happy, heard, safe, and healthy. These perspectives were gathered over the last years through various consultation processes carried out by the Children’s Hub Team within the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society regarding various themes and topics. Some of these processes include initiatives taken in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the European Commission. 

This Manifesto and the proposals listed were backed up by academic research organised by the Children’s Rights Observatory Malta (CROM), which is, a collaboration, between the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society, and the Faculty for Social Wellbeing within the University of Malta. 

The Children’s Manifesto is made up of 99 proposals split into five pillars — community and environment, health and wellbeing, education, diversity and inclusion, as well as children’s rights and active participation. The 99 proposals range from greener, safe open spaces, to childhood obesity campaigns, to cutting back burdensome curricula, promoting unity in diversity, as well as putting in place a functional young people’s parliament. The hundredth goal of the manifesto is for the proposals to be included in a national strategy for children, through the creation of a specific Department for the Rights of the Child at government level.

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