In August 2016 the Foundation set up a Children’s Council through an open call to promote the participation of children as active contributors to the community life of children. The first meeting brought together a group of 12 children from all over Malta and Gozo. In October 2016, the Foundation set up the Young Persons’ Council within the Children’s Hub. 

A Children’s Council and a Young Persons’ Council have now been established for a number of years. The contribution by the Councils is invaluable for the work of the Foundation.  

The young members of the councils are supported to form and express their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, and aspirations. Children feel empowered and encouraged knowing that their views are taken into account. This process of putting child participation into practice allows children to learn constructive ways of sharing their own vision, dreams, concerns, and aspirations.  Child participation gives confidence to children and help them recognise and acknowledge their abilities.   

In 2020 The Gozo Children’s Council was set up to ensure the participation of Children living on the island of Gozo. Even though the Maltese Islands are geographically small, through the years it became evident that the realities faced by children living in Gozo are somewhat different to those faced by children living in Malta.

The members of the Children’s Council and Young Persons’ Council continuously prove that when the proper, safe environment is created, they are better equipped to engage with their peers, families, and communities.

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